Hazardous Waste Management

QE offers integrated hazardous waste management services that draw from its experience in the N orth, as well as its partner's expertise, and 25 years’ experience in the management of PCBs and other hazardous waste. QE’s on-site turnkey projects include the following steps:

      Waste identification and sampling

      TDG classification

      Waste consolidation

      Identification and labelling

      Regulatory transport documents (m anifests and IMO declarations)

      Transport and handling

      Disposal of various types of hazardous waste

      Complete waste tracking report

      Remediation of all types of PCB-contaminated waste, including PCB-amended paint materials

      PCB materials declassification and PCB-contaminated site decommissioning

      Remediation of all types of PCB contaminated waste, including PCB amended paint materials

      PCB material declassification and PCB contaminated site decommissioning

      QE also operates a registered hazardous waste transfer station in Iqaluit, which provides services to all communities in the Qikiqtani R egion.