Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)

QE's unconditional commitment to EHS is summarized by its vision to be the EHS leader in its field, and to provide a safe and secure workplace to its employees and subcontractors. To accomplish this, QE commits to:

  • Meet or exceed the applicable EHS regulatory requirements and to integrate EHS parameters into all business decisions;
  • Set objectives, assess performance, and periodically review its EHS policies and procedures for effectiveness and continuous improvement;
  • Strive to eliminate all EHS incidents and accidents through rigorous risk management procedures and root cause analyses in order to implement the necessary preventive and corrective measures;
  • Provide information, instruction, training, and supervision to ensure employees perform their work safely, while avoiding negative impacts to the environment.

To ensure the implementation of the elements described in its policy QE’s partner, Sanexen, has an EHS program, based on a management system, and an EHS D epartment within it organizational structure. QE abides by its partner Sanexen's EHS policy and program.